Don't Lose Your Cool

Don't Lose Your Cool

Rely on us for air conditioning or mini split installation services in Amherst or Merrimack, NH

Does your home feel like a swamp? If you're cracking the windows and turning on extra fans to stay cool, it's time to make a change. Turn to North East HVAC for new air conditioning installation services in Amherst or Merrimack, NH. We install AC mini-splits so you can have more control over your cooling system.

Did you know that mini-splits operate on their own system? You can keep your bedroom cool while your child keeps theirs warm. No more arguing over what to keep the temperature at - everyone wins with a mini-split.

Call 603-769-7588 today to get a free estimate on air conditioning installation services.

Top signs your AC mini-split needs repairs

North East HVAC offers AC mini-split repair services. We have the experience and tools to fix all kinds of problems, including:

  • Leaking fluid
  • Icy buildup
  • Dirty filters
  • Broken reversing valves

Put your AC system in capable hands. Contact us now to get AC mini-split repair services in the Amherst or Merrimack, NH area.